Why Us
The founders of our company formerly were the factory inspectors in China. We have the genuine information of the high-quality machines manufacturing factories whole over China.

Our main objective is not only to sell machines because of the value that the customers pay worth out only when they utilize the machine to raise the economy of their region.

We have many brand experts who can educate our customers for the best marketing of their products.

We have foreigners in our sales team who can understand exactly what the customers need and also can communicate well about the information given by factories.

We can find out the genuine factory of any machines that are manufactured in China.

High Quality
Long Term Business with highly qualified Products
Competitive Price with best value
Best Value Price
We export our products globally
More than 100 types of products almost suitable for every market
Global Export
Variable Products
Machines for your Factory
To increase your crops
Machines for your Factory
To build your city
To enjoy deliciousness
Recent Milestones
Organisation of team and concept
Started business with sourcing services
Perfection on sales and services
Research and Development for Quality Control
Start Of Global Dealership
Top Partners Of The Month
Gauli Cap Industries
Machines For Cap Factory
Mr. Mukunda Gauli has started his own manufacturing in Nepal and export to other countries
Nepal Tenders
Bandre's Machines
Machines for Construction
A well known actor Mr. SP Chapagai has selected Chain Lion for his "Fast Developing Country" dream.
Mr. Samir Yadav's E-bikes
Mr. Samir has a dream of replacing fuel bikes to e-bikes with the help of Chain Lion's support and coperation
Pollutionless City
Tenders For Machines
Mr Anil Thapa has helped for many  tenders in Nepal by introducing high quality low price machines.
Open For Dealership
Complete SOP Files
We have complete files and plans for the    servicing, maintenance and installation of  the machines we distribute.
We are Fastest Growing Company
Technology has made manufacturing so easy that anyone can start their factory   using our machines
Rapid Updates
We update our products by 100% every year so that we can follow the new type of technology for the usage of machines
We Are Devoted To Provide Genuine Service Only